Mostly ‘armless

Hello folks!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Sadly my apprenticeship is on hold for the foreseeable future as I was knocked off my motorbike by a lorry driver and spent most of the summer in hospital. Most of the damage is healing nicely but unfortunately I have lost the use of my (dominant) left arm. The prognosis is cautiously optimistic; the surgeons stripped some nerves from the back of both my legs and transferred them to my arm. Fingers crossed (right hand, obviously) that the nerves stabilise and grow down my arm to give me some use back.

While I can’t knap with one hand, I am doing a fun dissertation on Bronze Age lithics, and I will share the good bits as they are written.

I’ll still be loitering around here posting as and when I’m in a fit condition to do so, but for the moment, the flint is safe from me.

Keep my seat warm, Karl - I'll be back!

Keep my seat warm, Karl – I’ll be back!

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