Padawan’s Corner

At Old Sarum, enthusiastically chuntering on about flint.

At Old Sarum, enthusiastically chuntering on about flint.

Hello, and welcome to ‘Padawan’s Corner’, a new section on the site. You may have seen me lurking in photos, both here and on the Facebook and Twitter pages for Primitive Technology UK, and I thought it was about time I stole a bit of the website to introduce myself and start a series of articles on learning to knap. Karl has taken me on as his apprentice in the art of rockbashing, and given the lack of professional knappers in the country – especially female ones – I hope that this series will inspire more people to have a go. I’m a huge proponent of getting women into areas that are traditionally thought of as being for men only, and what could be more manly than hitting rocks with other rocks?

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