Flintknapping workshops and courses

I have been teaching and demonstrating the art of flintknapping for many years to both professional organisations, educational facilities and the general public. I am passionate about keeping the art of flintknapping alive as it was a skill forgotten (certainly in Europe) from the end of the Bronze Age. It is encouraging to see that interest in these skills is increasing alongside both archaeology and the great increase in bushcraft and outdoor crafts.

You can book a workshop or course or contact me for further details.

Upcoming scheduled workshops (additional workshops on request)
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A flintknapping workshop always proves to be an extremely enjoyable day for both the students and myself, learning how our ancestors created and used their tools to survive. This serious experimental education in the world of lithics is (as often as ‘modern’ humanly possible) carried out while having something of a giggle along the way.

Workshops are available in groups of up to 15 students or smaller one-on-one courses for up to 3 people and can be arranged to cater for children (as young as 8 years old) through to all ages of adults and they include production of prehistoric tools with expert tuition from Karl.

Students are welcome to keep all of the tools that they make during workshops which (depending on level of experience) will include arrowheads, spearheads, hand-axes, scrapers. I have never had a student leave empty-handed or disappointed with their progress. All will take at least one replication of a prehistoric tool home that they have made, guaranteed!

Workshops and courses run from 10am to 4pm on Weekdays or weekends and can be arranged around your commitments.

Your photograph will be taken and (with permission) added to those posted on this website.

This really is a once in a lifetime experience as there are very few professional flintknappers in Britain providing personal tuition in this unique art.


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