Here are just a few references from my customers.

“We were delighted with the workshops which Karl delivered to members of the Oxfordshire Branch of the Young Archaeologists Club. The children, who range in age from 8 -16, were enthralled by the sessions. Karl’s knowledgeable, but easy style of presentation encouraged lots of participation. I think even he was surprised at the level of positive and active response he drew from the whole group.
From an organisers’ point of view I was very impressed at the level of careful preparation and information provided by Karl in advance of the workshop and his thoughtful organisation and delivery of the sessions, combined with a willingness to be ultimately flexible.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Karl warmly to deliver workshops to other groups.”
Carol Anderson
Oxfordshire YAC

“I would like to say what a fantastic day it was and how impressed everyone was with Karl’s skill and the speed at which he was able to produce such amazing flint tools.  He was also so knowledgeable about the prehistoric periods and obviously has a real flare for working with children.  It was so good that our youngsters were able to make a scraper and actually use it on a fresh skin!  Everyone said what a brilliant time they had had.”

Deborah Overton
Worcestershire YAC


“I spent three very enjoyable days with Karl, during which time my flintknapping skills improved hugely. From the moment I stepped through the door, Karl made me feel very welcome in his home, and the tea’s didn’t stop flowing until I left (which is very important in my book)! Karl is not only a very relaxed, fun and patient guy, but clearly also has a very deep appreciation and understanding of the practical skills underpinning many prehistoric technologies. I was particularly encouraged by his unwavering positive attitude when it came to flintknapping – whenever my hand-eye coordination let me down Karl would get me thinking about the best way to work around the problem. I am really glad I spent the time to understand the practical side of prehistoric technology in more detail with Karl, and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in ancient skills and crafts.”
Nick Taylor – Workshop Student from the University of Liverpool

I am a ‘trainee’ lithics analyst in the first year of a PhD and Karl’s flint knapping workshops are proving invaluable. Not only are they lots of fun but his clear instruction, and willingness to answer technical questions, has proven more helpful than any number of books on the subject. I would highly recommend Karl’s course to anyone who is trying to gain grounding in the identification or manufacture of flint tools and debitage. Karl was happy to tailor the course to my specific interests, which allowed me to gain maximum benefit from each day. Such was the quality of the instruction that I was able to return home and carry on knapping. I will certainly be returning to Karl for more lessons later in the year.
Plus sides of Karl’s knapping workshops: a warm welcome, a willingness to share his extensive knowledge, and a ready supply of tea to ease knapping fatigue!

Rona Davis (postgraduate researcher)

With an interest in archaeology and participation in several community digs I jumped at the chance to join my archaeologist friend when she suggested a two-day course in flint knapping.
My knowledge of flint knapping and ancient stone tools was very limited giving Karl a complete blank canvas to work with and a willing student. We started the course learning how to select the best piece of flint to work with using the hammerstone and listening for the steel like ring. It was clear which pieces had flaws or cracks from the sound that they made. Karl then demonstrated with jaw dropping speed and technique how to make a hand axe. My excitement turned quickly into “he wants me to do that!”
Thankfully we started with a more basic technique and made scrapers of various sizes. After crushing my flint edges several times I soon realised that Karl was right when he said it was all about preparation, technique and angles. I was surprised how quickly I went from sheer terror to “I can do this”, with the expert guidance from Karl. I even got to make my own hand axe, which our ancestors would have been proud of and which they would have found extremely useful.
The knowledge and skills I have taken away from the two days have given me a thirst to learn and do more, and keep the skill knapping going for generations to come.

Carla Jones


“Many thanks to Karl for coming to demonstrate flint knapping at our Archaeology Family Day.  He was able to communicate well with both children and adults and they showed genuine interest and fascination with the work he did.  We had some excellent feedback and hope to have him back sometime in the future for a similar event.”
Ali Siviter
Wiltshire Heritage Museum

“I would like to thank Karl for his superb and interesting demonstrations – they were definitely one of the highlights of Rustic Sunday.”

Chris Shepherd
Rural Life Centre, Surrey (Surrey Museums)

“I really want to pass our thanks to Karl for an excellent day on 2 September.  My colleagues were very impressed by the level of information Karl gave and the interest shown.  Jane was delighted with the axes Karl made.  We hope in turn he had an enjoyable experience.”

Liz Neathley – North Somerset Museum

We were at your flintknapping demonstration at Tollesbury today, and wanted to say again how much we enjoyed it. I have been fascinated by the skill for years and have seen one demonstration. However,  you have a rare gift of not only being highly skilled but are also able to explain clearly (without talking down to the audience) the science and detail of what you are doing as well as communicate also the joy of what you are doing. As I said this morning, flint artefacts are not only highly functional and efficient but also beautiful. It was fascinating to watch a lump of stone being crafted into such a lovely thing. Graham had never seen it done, and was stunned by it!

Jennifer Thorne



“I have received not four but five! axes today which was a really nice surprise to wake up to. I got the small december implement also (very nice also)- all are very high quality and perfectly knapped as always. This really is fantastic and thankyou very much.  They have yet again suceeded my expectations and the you have nailed the axes to look like the pictures i’ve sent.”

Matthew Hall

Newspaper & Magazine Articles

Haslemere Museum’s Junior Club went back to the Stone Age for the first of its holiday workshops, with a hands-on session led by flintknapper Karl Lee. Helped by his collection of replica Stone Age tools, he gave the group a lesson in the ancient art and taught the children to make their own tools. It also gave other museum visitors the opportunity to see the collection of Stone Age tools and to watch Mr Lee demonstrate his craft.

Haslemere Herald 11/08/06