Flintknapping in action

Flintknapping in action

Flintknapping may be a pre-historic craft, but the skills have been kept alive by a small and dedicated group of individuals.

Understanding how our neolithic ancestors made tools, weapons and decorative items from flint, chirt and obsidian has greatly increased our understanding of their every day lives.

You can experience this fascinating craft by visiting one of the numerous demonstrations I hold around the country each year. Or for a “hands on” experience where you can learn how to shape flint yourself, why not attend one of my workshops for personal tuition.

Demonstrations for groups of all sizes.

Workshops for individuals, small and larger groups – learn how to flintknap!


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  • Spring and summer session 10% off if you book workshops and demonstrations at your museum or university by the end of April. For more information please visit or call 07964318436,
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  • The penny projectile point ;-) Working on 25 Solutrean points, and fancied a break. Took 11 minutes and is the smallest one I have made. ,
  • The penny projectile point ;-) Bifacially flaked on a nice piece from Norfolk. Working on an order for 25 Solutrean points for an artist, and fancied a break. Took 11 minutes and is the smallest one I have ever made.,