Flintknapping demonstrations

The flintknapping and other primitive technologies demonstrations I provide are carried out in a very friendly manner and tailored to the requirements of individual customers, groups and organisations. Over the years I have provided demonstrations for many of the British museums and universities, but have also enjoyed getting to know individuals and smaller groups such as archaeology groups and societies, young archaeologist groups, home education groups, scout groups and many bushcraft companies.

Please contact me for further details, including scheduling.

I’m sure we have all experienced lectures where slide after slide slowly lowers the eyelids, often accompanied by a monotonous voice from the back of the room? Well, this is something I try desperately to avoid with a mixture of practical demonstration and a constant stream of archaeologically accurate information. I like to explain and describe what I am doing while accompanied by the sound of hammer blows and breaking flint (And they say men can’t multi-task, ha har!). I feel that this gives a clearer and more interesting demonstration which tends to retain the attention spans of younger viewers.

I am always happy to produce ‘requested’ flint replicas during demonstrations to provide specific items for museum displays or just so viewers/students can see how the tools they are particularly interested in were made.

I have also taken great care over years to gain experience in delivering flintknapping demonstrations in a manner that appeals to the understanding and vocabulary of younger children; this is usually a blend of simplified terminology, humour and the descriptive creation of primitive people, the world they lived in and the animals they hunted.

I am happy demonstrating outdoors (obviously dependant on weather) or indoors, but have also been lucky enough to demonstrate in some very interesting places such as the entrance cave of Kents Cavern (Torquay), Creswell Craggs, a stage in Upton on Severn (that was a weird one!) and outside a replica of a prehistoric house at ‘Archaeolink’ in Aberdeenshire.

Prices for flintknapping demonstrations are dependent on the number of bookings, requirements and also expenses involved in travelling to and from a venue. Should a number of adjoining bookings be arranged, discounted prices will be happily given.

Please see below for some of the many photographs taken during demonstrations throughout the past few years. Also the references page for some kind words that have been received from some of these venues.

For demonstration bookings it is best to contact me directly either through this website or via my e-mail ( to arrange and confirm dates.


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